2012/Bring the World Back Into Your Domain

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Bring the World Back Into Your Domain was a session at IndieWebCamp 2012.

Notes from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-aggregation

When: 2012-06-30 14:00

Bring the World Back Into Your Domain


Big feed of data? How to filter it. How to create the big feed? Then how to turn into something useful for reading?

Content Landscape

  • try to orient content based on people, not individual services
  • instead of topic, blog, twitter, (like google buzz)

Don't think of it as "this is all the photos" it's "here is everything from this person"

Gabi - "which of my statuses are best liked?" from Facebook

[Video] β€’ [Photo] β€’ [Long Form] want to view different kinds of info based on your situation - photos on a bus, videos at home

"Pull all the videos from my feeds this week into something I can watch on my TV easily"

Want to get back to a person-centric model, like the original Facebook.

but: sometimes people share interesting things who post original stuff (i.e. photos) you don't care about.

People you know really well, have a person-centric model. Other people you only want to see things they share.

Original content vs reblogged content.

People change which services they use even when services don't go offline. A lot of people switched from Flickr to Instagram, sort of a slow transition, not totally intentional, but now all the content I want to see is on Instagram.

Feedreaders - what happened?

Feedreader experience didn't keep up with the new content types being posted.

Services stopped publishing feeds. No RSS feeds for Facebook or Tumblr.

Since RSS/Atom is just XML, put other data in the feed to store new content types.

There have been lots of services written on top of Google Reader that let you view things in ways other than a list.

Data Gathering

  • some services don't publish feeds
  • some services only have JSON APIs

Data Presentation

  • turn the big feed into something that people want to read
  • people have different preferences for how they want to read content

Permissions / Privacy

  • some people have protected feeds
  • allowing re-publishing or not

Spaciousness.org - by Travis Wellman traviswellman.com

  • content-addressable graph

Audrey: Next goals: Create the big feed to find out what kind of content I care about Create a "data butler" to gather all the data

UI should implicitly learn which things you're clicking on and interacting with and should learn which things to prioritize.

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