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OFirehose was a session at IndieWebCamp 2012.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indieweb-ofirehose

When: 2012-182 16:00 Ception

OFirehose -- firehose for the open web #ofirehose


  • Evan Prodromou (session leader)
  • Reid
  • Mime
  • Joseph
  • Travis
  • Rabble
  • Don Park
  • Julien Genestoux
  • Tantek ร‡elik
  • Brennan Novak

Superfeedr: provide the infrastructure to to PubSubHubbub

  • next step: add ability to multiplex the feeds
    • e.g. any mention of "Evan Prodromou"
    • or within a geo fence
    • or with a min number of subscribers
  • does provide Firehouse for some of the hubs they host
    • some small private hoses
  • we only have subscribed firehoses - only includes stuff that someone subscribes to.

Evan: people ask me for a statusnet firehose.

  • for all statusnet instances on any server/site
  • statusnet instances are their own instances


  • Developer convenience - go to a single URI rather than having to subscribe
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Search engine
    • can subscribe to popular keywords to prepopulate search
  • Google Alerts approach (keyword notifications)
  • Conference updates screen (all posts/photos with a certain hashtag)

Google's use of PuSH

How do people feel about aggregating their posts into a firehose?

  • OK, especially if it links back to original site
    • "I don't want to have someone sell my blog posts on a CD." -Tantek


Garden Hose vs. Fire Hose

Twitter gives some % of their Fire hose openly? Maybe 2%

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