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Open Checkins was a session at IndieWebCamp 2012.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indieweb-checkins

When: 2012-182 17:00

see and review related session from: OSBridge BarCamp day 2012-181:


Check in to a venue and get a discount

  • You walk in to Starbucks, you want to let Starbucks now
  • The starbucks wifi recognizes you're there and connected, and can verify the checkin
  • do we care about actual verification that they were there? multiple ways: wifi, display a code on a phone
( site )  ---->   [ business ]

Public Checkin

( site )  ----->  feed+push to your followers
              ----->  vendor API call (silo)

Private Checkin

( site ) -----> vendor API call (silo, with "off-the-grid" flag)
            -----> future: feed+push to your friends (authenticated)

Group Checkin ("I'm here with _____")

( site )   -----> feed+push to people tagged
             -----> vendor API call (some will support tagging people)

tagging people in checkins should be a part of all types

Sharing with private friend groups (like Foursquare friends)

( site ) ----> HUB
( site ) -----> peers
  1. Record the event
  2. Access control
  3. Pings


  • I want to own the URL for the venue I'm checking in to
    • publish an hcard on my site
  • a checkin is a link to a URL which is an hcard describing the venue
    • the links can contain rel-canonical to the source
  • You lose the ability to say "who is checked in at the same place I am"

Venue payload:

  • URL to a venue page with hCard of adr/geo/URLs (to vendor specific venue URLs)
  • geo data (lat/long/alt/error) of actual physical location

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