2012/Open Real Time Search Engine

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Open Real Time Search Engine was a session at IndieWebCamp 2012.

Notes from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-openrealtime


A user has many identifiers. Given one identifier, return the other known identifiers.

Repository: https://github.com/evanp/openrealtime-net (work items in Issues)

Discussion on freenode IRC in #indiewebcamp

Starting points

OpenFollow: 2012/OpenFollow

Sign in with your name: 2012/Sign_In_With_Your_Name

Database User { "twitter": "donpdonp", "facebook": "13445948", "email": "don.park@gmail.com" } (for Facebook e.g. the vanity address should be preferred [they also use that for email and URL])


GET /query/<id type>/<value>

GET /query/email/don.park@gmail.com

Returns: { "twitter": "donpdonp", "facebook": "13445948", "email": "don.park@gmail.com" }

Data sources


  • fuzzy search, real name search
  • tie in with social indie web messaging, as contacts aggregator

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