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What Works

A state of the current art demo session during IndieWebCampUK 2012.

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Welcome to the Demos of What Works Today

IndieWebCampUK 2012 2012-253 The Engine Room


  • had wordpress, got frustrated, ditched it for a static home page
  • fear of launching unstyled
  • struggles with restyling
  • building just what you need, when hitting a painpoint.


  • demonstrated @Falcon
  • BBEdit text entry - Falcon used to post to site before broadcast.
  • steps:
    • 1. edit static file and add new post using HTML
    • 2. terminal command line scp to server
    • 3. open tantek.com/falcon posting UI, verify post (re-edit, re-scp, reload if necessary)
    • 4. click "Tweet" button, ping PuSH hub, posts to Twitter


  • demonstrated waterpigs.co.uk posting UI

Andy Hume:

  • was using WordPress since it was first called WordPress and Matt was blogging every new WordPress blog
  • switched to using Jekyl
  • wrapped it in some shell scripts


  • using WordPress
  • showed WP PHP files
  • added HTML5 History API Support to it.

Aral went into more details:

  • each post can have its own style sheet

Tom Morris:

  • uses Tumblr with domain redirection for blog.tommorris.org
  • and bitbucket for code.tommorris.org
  • crazy RDF setup - http://code.tommorris.org/blog-annotations/src
  • now using Ruby (Sinatra) delegation system on Heroku - it's free!
    • allows for testing (Rack Test)

Jeremy Keith:

  • CMS should just manage content
    • help you get content *into* a database
  • templates, getting content out of the database are display/presentational - not CMS pieces
  • rich text editors
    • just has shortcut buttons for markdown of: bold, italic, hyperlink, list item
  • separate templating layer on the site
  • Jeremy uses his system on:

Aaron Parecki:

  • simple HTML form to create a new update, with options for syndicating to twitter & app.net
  • screenshot: http://aaronparecki.com/2012/253/note/3
  • Live preview of content that will be syndicated, auto-shortening text and preserving hashtags
  • HTML form writes a static markdown file and commits to the git repository
  • Browser extension rewrites the "reply" link on twitter.com, opening this HTML form on my domain: https://vimeo.com/48097093

More demos here:

  • 2012/UK/Demos
    • based on what people built/improved today at IndieWebCampUK!

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