2013/API All the Things

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IndieWebCamp 2013 session: API All The Things

notes copied from here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-exobrain

Paul Fenwick: http://twitter.com/pjf


Indie-IFTTT [1]

Is there an open-source version of IFTTT?

Issues with IFTTT

  • people don't feel comfortable giving out passwords to all their accounts
    • aaronpk only authorizes sites where the content is already public (RSS feeds, Foursquare, etc)

Good use case for OAuth to your email account

  • allow third-party apps to know # of messages in inbox, sent, but not their contents

http://identengine.com/ - gives you a rel-me based list of identities for someone

http://openfollow.net/ - same thing, from IWC 2012

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