2013/Hollywood/Composite Feeds

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What are good patterns for a composite feed of multiple post types?


  • how to interleave different post types
  • pagination
  • when one post type (e.g. notes) overwhelms and causes all other post types to scroll off the bottom
    • specifically not seeing any articles or photos (or videos - another person) among a stream of notes
      • possible solution: maybe have a sidebar module with 3 most recent articles
    • pinned posts (of any type) - just one
      • pin most recent article (shane)
  • differentiating top / most recent post with larger type
    • "commit to it" needs to be larger enough to really call that out
      • Tantek needs to increase the type size of the top note when it's the most recent post - to be as big as tweet permalinks are by default as compared to stream notes

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