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Introductions for IndieWebCamp SF 2014 took place 2014-03-07.

Archived from https://old.etherpad-mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-sf


IndieWebCampSF Day 1


@caseorganic & @aaronpk kicking off the first #indiewebcampsf with an #indiewebcamp 'commercial'.

Amber, Aaron, Tantek kickoff IndieWebCampSF with a commercial and history/timeline overview of how we got here.

Intro demos


Amber Case

  • demonstrated posting UI of p3k
  • and having comments showing up in real time

Aaron Parecki

Scott Jenson

  • holds up LED blocks with URLs on local bluetooth

Ryan Barrett

  • Demonstrates snarfed.org
  • shows Bridgy comments from silos, Facebook, Twitter, G+
    • hovering over their name points back to their Facebook profile
  • new post
    • hovering over their name in comments from Twitter, points back to their personal website instead now!
  • Silos can be your friend, e.g. Twitter with friendgraph, pubsub etc. But the usable interface is your site.

Will Norris

  • showing a replacement for WordPress JetPack Plugin with his own
    • Photo image proxy: Photon API
      • Their TOS only allows using it with WordPress JetPack Plugin
    • shows replacement proxy for Photon: s.wjn.me - app written in Go
      • uses HTTPS
  • URL shortener is HTTPS
  • all his personal content is hosted on a secure channel

Johannes Ernst

  • shows IndieBox physical hardware/server
  • shows his /localhost on his laptop
  • install with one command line command all the apps
    • provisions databases, sets up firewalls
    • local calendar/wiki etc. server
  • wants to start a Kickstarter that starts an IndieBox all setup, no Linux admin, all setup and ready to go.
  • all open source
  • single command line commands for: backup, etc.
  • he is running IndieBox himself at home, administers it via ssh
  • wants to make it so normal people can do it too


  • Is this like Docker containers?
    • No, Docker makes all kinds of assumptions that get in the way
  • Do ISPs let you run your own server at home?
    • Took a while from Comcast to get an answer
    • They said everything is fine as long as it is not commercial
    • A lot of stuff for family purposes don't need to leave the house at all
    • Another app is a VPN, so others can VPN into your IndieBox. And having them VPN into each other.
  • Do you have Camlistore running on there?
    • No. Everytime I try to figure out setting it up I can't seem to.

Kevin Marks

  • Noter Live - live tweeting app from his own website.
  • was doing a lot of live-tweeting manually copy and pasting
  • so built is own tool
  • you log into twitter
  • you put the hashtag for the conference at the top
  • you put the speaker name here.
  • type in speaker quote
  • previews full text of the tweet
  • and then also the HTML of the content and keeps a transcript
  • when he's done he copies and publishes the transcript
  • what he would like to do is post this to your website, not just Twitter
  • would also like to post the final transcript to your website via micropub
  • wants to turn Noterlive into a micropub client
  • also loses local UI fields on refresh - would like to put them in Local Storage
  • this is all just JS that's running, but a serverside thing that does login

Adam Brault

  • works on messaging, has worked with irc:bear on XMPP
  • &yet has quite a few people working on XMPP and are members of the XSF
  • stanza.io gives XMPP a completely JSON-based API and makes XMPP as simple to use as socket.io, makes it easier to use XMPP for WebRTC signaling
  • simplewebrtc.com JS to add WebRTC to a site
  • talky.io is built with on top of it
  • we want to do that and federate it so people can do it on their own domains
  • chat to/from their own domains
  • github.com/andyet/otalk
    • everything you need to run otalk on your own server
    • demo at otalk.im - contact irc:bear for a demo identity to login as

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