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IndieWebComic was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2014.

Notes archived from: https://old.etherpad-mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-comic

When: 2014-03-07 14:45


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Caseorganic: it's much better to have a smaller group the next group that's comfortable with adding rel=me links to ttheir site

Wave 1: Current Indieweb 20140307 Comfortable building CMS Keywords: SSH, Server key, OAuth

Reason why Bridgy is so important Literally BRIDGES the gap between Wave 1 IndieWeb and Wave 2 IndieWeb communities

What's motivating me now?

Needs: Archiving capture/mirror/track engagement/interaction across the web independence

Wave 2: Has a domain and runs their own website - comfortable clicking a button on Fantastico and installing something. building with a CMS thriugh a hosting company managing their blog Keywords: cPanel, Fantastico, Scriptaculous

Wave 3: Runs a wordpress blog Keywords:

Wave 4: Runs a tumblr on their own domain Keywords:

Wave 5: Uses Twitter/Facebook Keywords:

Dan GIllmore: people don't need to know the story or purpose of microformats

Tantek: don't market the plumbing

caseorganic: what is the value of indie auth?

Scott Rosenberg: integrirty and privacy of personal data, control of content you create

Dan Gillmore: we enjoy Twitter, we don't want to completely give up the fun and usefulness of silos. is there a fun and useful way of having both?

Anselm: what's the audience?

Dan Gillmore: we like creating things on the web, we're able to launch cpanel and click a button an do updates in wordpress. we're

caseorganic: I give you POSSE and brid.gy. are you happy?

Dan Gillmore: I'm ecstatic!

caseorganic: comics are more likely to engage people, they will be more likely to read it. it is more prominent than a blog post.

Dan Gillmore: if it doesn't have links, that's a problem.

caseorganic: we can build it and present it on my site

Anselm: what are the issues? what problems are we describing to people?

Kevin Marks: "are you tired of facebook changing things on you?" "do you remember that time the things you made disappeared from the internet?"

Scott Roesenberg: there are a whole

caseorganic: there are a lot of people waiting for an option to get back to doing what they were doing long ago

Scott Jensen: it's not about having a bunch of close people in your audience in our network, you already have an audience and they will still come

caseorganic: brid.gy allows you to bring everybody with you

Scott Jensen: it's not all or nothing

Dan Gillmore: we're not rejecting the good things they provide, we're rejecting the lack of control

Scott Jensen: I can still play nice with all my friends on facebook

Anselm: this reminds of how why the lucky stiff would present things with comics

caseorganic: the Google Chrome comic was really great, but it didn't write to my brain as much as why the lucky stiff

caseorganice: first part: POSSE, put stuff on your site and guarantee it's there, and get it on other sites as well second part: then, use brid.gy to allow interactions from content posted to those sites appears back on your site

Anselm: there is content you can't share on facebook, or it isn't easily shared well. how do you share an art project?

Scott Jensen: plex is cool. https://plex.tv/

caseorganic: I post something on my site, you can respond to that post on your site

Dan Gillmore: community + freedom

Scott Jensen: "we're working above facebook, twitter, whatever", or working "with", or "alongside"

Kevin: city vs suburb, in a suburb there is one way in and one way out on a road, in a city roads have many crossroads

Anselm: you can't link to things you post on facebook. some people might get some content, some other people might not get it. it may or may not persist.

caseorganic draws frames for comic

the comic will start with people telling their own stories, telling how they have lost data about what they wrote, lost things to censhorship, couldn't