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WordPress was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2014.

Notes archived from: https://old.etherpad-mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-wordpress

When: 2014-03-07 17:15



Reference: WordPress

Be a good indieweb citizen

Support microformats

If you like your current theme and want to stick with it, use:

  • Plugin: WordPress-uf2

Or if you're ok with switching to a new theme:

  • SemPress - good microformatted theme - it's a whole theme


General consensus from Scott and Dan that getting Twitter feedback on to your own site is strongly desired.

Darius - Want flexibility of using different systems, but have everything then centered back in my own site.

Bridgy with manual POSSE to Twitter

Scott: I want to write blog posts on my own site, then manually do a tweet that links to my blog post, then get feedback to that tweet automatically shown on my blog post.

Desired user-flow: 1. Publish a blog post on my indieweb site 2. Write a tweet manually that links to that post 3. Have favorites/retweets/@-replies to that tweet automatically show up on my blog post

Jetpack supports auto-POSSE to Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Also, some of the community are developing The indieWeb version of Jetpack. https://github.com/pfefferle/wordpress-indieweb

Automatic Tweeting of Blog Posts

Desired user-flow: 1. Publish a blog post on my indieweb site 2. Have a tweet automatically happen that links to that blog post


Have replies to tweets of a post show up on post

Desired user-flow: 1. Someone else @-replies one of my tweets that links to my blog post 2. A comment automatically show up on that blog post of that @-reply

Using WordPress "IndieWeb" plugin.