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This list was added well after the event, so please add if I have forgotten anyone:

What do you visit the wiki for most?

Unordered - written down on the whiteboard as people shouted them out.

  • microformat reference
  • pics of attendees
  • IWC schedule & location
  • IRC people decoder /irc-people
  • IRC logs /irc/today
    • can use google to search the logs
  • calendar
  • getting started page
    • next steps for making my site more awesome
  • what are other people working on?
  • user pages to document what people are doing
  • recent edits, what's hot

To Do

Ordered by two-dot voting of participants.

  • make home page more active ( 4 votes )
  • projects page ( 3 votes )
  • convert events feed to email signup ( 2 votes )
  • new page content more promoted on home page ( 1 vote)
  • Re-format events to be more legible
    • gRegor has worked on a template and it's mostly working; will wrap up /Template:one-day-event
  • make it easier to edit the wiki
  • indieauth: add favicons for each service
  • subscribe to new pages

Home Page

  • Remove Wiki sub-heading, "Main page" and "Search" links. These features are persistent on each page via the logo and search box.
  • Collapse sub-heading IndieWebCamp Events "Calendar", "Guest List", and "Schedule" into one link.
  • Format the home page more like a blog?
  • Collapse "Why" and "Principles" sidebar links into one?
  • Diagram of suggested home page.
    • Events promoted first, left main column
    • Latest news beneath it, more like a blog (content from news.indiewebcamp.com with post summary)
    • Right column with "What is IndieWebCamp" content

New Navigation

  • Get Started
    • IRC
  • Principles
  • Events
  • Projects
  • Building Blocks
  • Wiki Tools
    • Recent Changes
    • Page
    • Edit
    • History
    • Watch


POSSE, PESOS, etc. are jargon that should probably not be used everywhere.

Publish, Syndicate, Collect, and Federate are good, general terms to capture the main things people might come to the site wanting to do.

hacked on it in day 2 at http://github.com/peat/wiki