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2014 reposts was an IndieWebCamp 2014 (NYC venue) brainstorming session about design and UX for presenting a repost on your own site.

Session Notes

Archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indieweb-reposts

IndieWebCamp 2014 NYC

17:00 reposts session


Session participants:


Discussing: https://indiewebcamp.com/repost

Example: https://kylewm.com/share/2014/06/10/1

Ellen's 3+million retweet: https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/440322224407314432

Kartik: If Aaron reposts Barnaby's post, he would keep a copy of the original on his repost. Now if Barnaby deletes the original should Aaron still keep a copy? What if the original post is copyrighted.

Tantek: I want to implement reposts on my site so I keep a copy regardless, and also POSSE native retweet on Twitter. Repost+comment: an emerging pattern on Twitter is to add a comment before retweeting as in "comment by retweeter" RT: @originalposter original post

Or using the recycle icon โ™บ e.g.

Recycle Icon Aside


Google can't find โ™บ

Nor Bing

But it's on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E2%99%BA

Unicode: U+267A โ™บ recycling symbol for generic materials


Repost UI flow

Repost UI:

  1. You enter a URL to repost (or click a repost button)
  2. Your software asks for confirmation:
"Repost this to your followers?"
(preview of your repost... )
           (Cancel) (Repost)


Repost presentation

UI sketches:

Reposting a tweet or post with POSSE tweet

Reposting a tweet, retweet, or indie post (repost) with POSSE tweet. Whiteboard:

Reposting a post that lacks a POSSE tweet

Reposting an indie post WITHOUT a POSSE tweet - how do you POSSE to Twitter? Either you don't, or if you do: โ™บ user.example.com: "--------..." user.example.com/permalink


  • "------" = up to 99 characters of the text of the indie post being reposted
  • ... - regardless of truncation include original permalink at end of POSSE copy (instead of permalink to your repost)


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