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See writing for current thoughts on this subject. The remainder of this page is an archive.

Thought Draft Post

A session at IndieWebCamp Cambridge 2015, archived from live notes at https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-thoughtpost

Welcome to the Thought -> Draft -> Post session

IndieWebCamp Cambridge 2015

All contribution to these notes CC0.


  • David.Shanske.com
  • Tantek.com
  • Ben.thatmustbe.me
  • Butterwell.exploratori.us
  • Aakritishroff.com
  • timowens.io
  • barryfrost.com
  • bavatuesdays.com
  • hongpong.com

Remote Participation



Tantek comments that the stuff he posts is a small percentage of the things he WANTS to post. A common problem. Currently organizes with two text files. In one, brain dumps thoughts with links and date. On occasion, for an occasion, cherry picks thoughts from the first file into a second, scheduled to be finished by a particular time, such as a conference.

Collection of ideas/Prioritization....Distraction!!

Is there a good way to collect one's ideas easily?

Is there a good draft selection method?

There are 4 layers of posting for tantek

  1. collecting random ideas
  2. prioritizing some of them as to be done before an event
  3. sorting/clustering ideas into a cohesive narrative as a post
  4. good writing, proper prose, article structure, beginning / middle / end
  5. posted

ben.thatmustbe.me - I post my drafts to my site semi-privately and iterate within my site so I have full control of the iterations.

final: https://ben.thatmustbe.me/article/2014/9/26/6/open_call







Problem Statement

I have some thoughts but don't have time to write a post.

I want to write some posts before an event, e.g. for that event.

I don't know what to write about!

My post is getting too big - how do I split it?

  • How do I constrain the subject sooner to not overwrite or get lost on a tangent?

If the topic is able to split, then you know that or you don't.

If it can be split, then you've got a chapter book.

Your splits are more like pause for breath.

Sometimes I'm purposely pausing for input, which can benefit writing more about it later.


Write a few sentences, just a paragraph, short note commentary about what you've read.

Tagging can help organize the random ideas.

Then later collect a bunch of notes into a longer blog post

E.g. http://tantek.com/2015/068/b1/security-towards-minimum-viable-web-platform

Timebox: set aside an hour to blog with the goal of publishing at least one finished post. More is better! If you get one post done, go for it and do a second one.


What is the level below draft?

Why not start in the same format and just keep it moving along?