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Events was a session during IndieWebCamp Edinburgh 2015.

Archive of notes taken in http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/events

Edinburgh 2015

<link rel="alternate"  type="text/calendar" title="Open Tech Calendar" href="/api1/events.ical" />

Mark ups:

Combine with WebMentions to add to other site?

Intention problem - Make sure addition is really wanted - https://github.com/aaronpk/IndieNews/issues/9#issuecomment-124846594 link to home page

Silo APIs

  • ICS ones: Meetup,Lanyrd, EventBrite
  • Facebook: oh dear no

Events in emails

  • attached ICS file in GMail

Categorising problems - importing and exporting

Issues with passing events around freely

  • what is original source? For changes etc
  • matching events from different sources? if details are slightly different

James to do sunday: import microformats to OpenACalendar or RSVP by webmention to OpenACalendar

CalDAV endpoint/server (Fran)

Recurring events aaaargh. (rhiaro has not dealt with these for her site yet)

Public events are being done... but private events could be harder (same as private posts)

Notifications/reminders for events on your own calendar. (kegan. rhiaro wants this!)

Inline RSVPs to indie events via micropub.