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Micropub + Apps was one of several IndieWebCamp Germany 2015 Brainstorming sessions.

Archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/micropub

IWC-DE 2015 micropub session notes

Enabling micropub for your site (posting on your site via apps like Quill)



Post with Quill to other places. https://feverdream.herokuapp.com/

Post with Instagram interface to your own website - feels like Bridgy for twitter http://ownyourgram.com/

Make an Instagram private account, and use the interface & mobile apps to post on your own site :p

great potential hijacking interfaces and using them to post on your own website :)

Micropub readers



Jeremy’s cool and creepy thing that finds pictures and info and adds it to the displayed post (?) https://huffduffer.com/