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Linked Data was a session at IndieWebCamp Germany 2015.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/linkeddata

Linked Data

Notes from IWC 2015 Dusseldorf

Discussing use cases for using canonical linked data URIs (like dbpedia.org) for places for checkins Disambiguating places, eg. seeing if we have both been to the same city Not having to maintain datasets about places (including different languages) Checkin by geolocation and it finds everything else for you. You just pick a place, then later you can say 'find me all my restaurant checkins' and it can, but you never had to tell it you were in a restaurant because it finds that from external data. Augmenting microformats by adding terms at your own namespace, eg. you can only mark up a venue with an address in microformats, but you might want to add what type of venue it is.


How Sockethub uses ActivityStreams2.0 Send an activty to Sockethub, it deals with carrying out action, eg. sending a message to someone Mapping from any protocol to AS and back IRC, XMPP, RSS, various snowflake APIs

Implementors of ActivityStreams2.0 please hang out in #social on irc.w3.org

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