2015/Microformats as the Database

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Microformats as the Database was one of several IndieWebCamp 2015 Brainstorming sessions.

Archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/microformatdb

IndieWebCamp 2015 Portland session 17:30

Microformats as database

or storing your content in HTML+microformats flat files

led by emmak


Emma uses one microformats static file per post

Evolution of her site:

    * diagram showing original flow
    SSG = static site generator
    HTML = HTML+microformats

Markdown -> SSG -> HTML

HTML -> mfparser -> obj -> template (+header+footer) -> HTML


    mfparser -> obj-> template -> HTML \

Next: what if we use micropub as input to this:

    quill/ownyourgram -> micropub -> obj -> template -> HTML \

If you receive a webmention it also feeds into the mfparser which then feeds into the obj.

The HTML is the canonical copy/storage of the data.

This way you leverage the code you already would have had to build to process comments to your posts.

Do you produce any feed files like Atom or RSS? No.

And no one has bugged you to produce it? No.

Tantek showed his static HTML site storage flow as well.