2015/Network Flow

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Network Flow was a discussion session during IndieWebCamp 2015

Notes archived from http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/network-flow

When is it more effective to have a localized flow (as opposed to broadcast). If somebody's interested in Tiny Houses, is it best to post on Facebook to 500 friends or are there ways to focus it more specifically?

message twitter - write something and hope people act on it, and relay it. but black holes where went into pit follower-follower @ message people # hashtag

What's today's equivalent of "Web Rings"? J

what about permanent relationships between websites?

Jeena: building up a community in Gothenburg, aggregate different things. started as a mailing list, but archiving isn't great. Set up a wordpress, have events every other month, have pictures liknk to people who talk there. Still would be cool to have a community around it.

it goes back to the community


one website to be the aggregator?

categories - every category is able to get stuff and then if interested, you pull the category. how to filter out what interested vs not interested in from one person

curation as creative aspect - curation is creation

you find who you trust and then eople have elevated

subreddit / newsgroups

call tree - explicit confirmation someone's gotten something. avoid the black hole. gives chance to ask follow-ups / clarify. *confirmation that the message is received. checked.*

hard to maintain? good for emergencies. a lot more efffort for over time. what if someon'es on vacation? hard to have stable call tree over entire year.

indieweb sydincation tree - syndication tree like a call tree. could use it to leverage confirmation, but doesn't mean received or understood, unless confirmed manually?

"click here to confirm you've read this far" like terms of service. but could say yes without reading. so, keep it shorter, and don't try to hide it.

aggregator is fan-in fan-out. can have many aggregators. a lot of things pointing in.

if it's not automated it brings value, because not spam.

tree is useful for private or semi-private, like some social events don't want more people ot konw about, like trust circle of communication.

how orthagonal the parts of the project are - when overlap then communication problem. true sense of ownership. put up street signs on their block. 12th street is different than 11th street. actual different work, but same task.

network analysis to see what is connectied, in what context.

have info on their profile.

MIT digs thru network graph and shows email people connected based on your emails.

(could ask for people to share their connections through a platform)

graph theory.

forums classically are interest-based rather than connection-based.

seth godin: your true fans.

broadcast doesn't make sense to feel exclusivity. force multipliers (or magnifiers, amplifiers). multipliers are different pieces out there, pass info to them, they multiply info to others, because of vested interest. military concept.

a certain amount of effort makes everything more effective.

review itself that is written can be a forced multiplier - authoirity/influence

fan clubs. you write letter in, and they send you swag in the mail.

network analysis

data set - pool of info. maybe see Little Bird for Twitter?

who has included certain hashtags, who is going to retweet it, etc.

activism - Shahid Bhutar (spelling?) how meld the national level with the local stuff http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shahid-buttar/restoring-the-fourth-amen_b_611512.html

local stuff - really tight connections and local victories

how does one post or one website reach more, that isn't covered by webmentions or broadcasts?



syndication as information tree - what are the scenarios where it makes sense? if yndicate too much stuff, newsfeed gets cluttered. allow opt-in for people who trust your curation.

re-blogging - was curating other people's stuff.


with indieweb:

special tag/category on website


syndicator - who do you reply to?

comments are community-specific, on hackerblog or elsewhere, it's the common context

find aggregator to show interest and need in amendment, localize content

microformats, could make spider that uses network, and spider through everything and have meaningful information through search engine. "I want everything aaron said last year and it was about ____". to search across all the platforms.

could use etherpad for picking up responsibilities. "i'll do street signs on 12th street". event right now is just date and list of people who agreed to come, but it could be so much more.