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Providence is a city in Rhode Island, United States, that may have an IndieWebCamp in the future, see the planning page for details.

There seemed to be a fair number of people interested in attending the IWCs in Cambridge/MIT but could not make it into the city. There are a number of locations that would make Providence possible, with several schools that might be suitable location hosts.

Currently I am looking for a co-organizer to help work out details of the event. - Ben Roberts

I am talking to a professor at University of Rhode Island to see if we could get students from the web development classes and possibly help organizing and even hosting.

Location Possibilities

  • AS220 has space downtown Providence, though I don't know if they would really have enough room for us.
  • University of Rhode Island has a Providence Campus building that might be able to host. They also have a web developement track to their CS department and Ben Roberts is an Alum.
  • Brown University is close by to downtown and would certainly have the space to host.
  • RISD is also close by and might be convinced to host.


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