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IndieWebCampSF 2015 Schedule:

Thursday December 3 2015

Time Mozilla Community Space
8:30 Camp opens. Badges, networking, and breakfast.
9:15 Introductions, Selfdogfood Demos of what works today
10:00 Session Scheduling
10:30 Intro to the IndieWeb Indie highlights and notes Person tags
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Indiewebify.me Posting data updater (wikipedia info boxes are a silo) Indie Index (catalog and search over all microformat data)
14:00 Posting to Twitter/FB with silo.pub POSSE Indieweb business Mobile UX
15:30 The Science of Great Design (in Mozilla speaking area) Mobile phone apps, hack, planning etc
16:30 Group Photo
17:30 Demos
18:15 community cleanup
18:30 camp closed! Migrate to ...
18:30-21:00 After party: The Creamery SF, 4th & Townsend. Eat, drink, and keep hacking!

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