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IndieWeb Community was a session at IndieWebCamp Berline 2016.

The topic was continued on the next day in a "hacking session" entitled IndieWeb onboarding

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/community


Berlin 2016

sgreger: observations: local crowd is mixed in skill and specialisation

  • getting sterted, withknown only "one-stop-shop"
  • wordpress had difficulty with microformat markup

question: what parts are in the starter package?

sl007: asked users of other CMSes to get input for his

  • UI to apply microformats to existing structure?
  • wiki is difficult to get into, requirement for wiki signup for beginners is difficult - this will make it hard for novices to join the indieweb movement. They cannot actively connect through the wiki.
  • suggestion of simpler signup flow to get rel-me started quicker, guiding people to edit their profile

WP plugins not good enough for beginners now


  • not everyone wants to "publish" - likes and comments feel different
  • maybe specialist system for that?

getting domains is difficult for non-tech people

Indieauth as first step doesn't have a clear benefit. setting up indieauth to get Bridgy is worth it, just getting on some strange wiki is less cool

criticism from crpyto side: we don't <..........>

discussion about coupling domain and webspace

domains are by quite strong authority gueranteed to be owned and individual brennan: also high risk in case off loss. My content is important, doesn't matter where it is. even if it is posted somewhere else, the important thing is that is *from me*.

back to: how to make it more attractive to less convinced and less technical people sgreger: write high-level idea document indiewebify me is more technical debugging tool, less "why do I want this/what's my best way to get there"

sbischoff: indieweb.org maybe should have clearer examples for the benefits, to make it easier "what does it mean for me"

is there a list of indieweb use cases?

  • self-dogfooding is the underlying ideas

potential selling point is "personal archive" for social media.

POSSE vs PESOS? Maybe PESOS is a better starter compromise for DIY setup. ( users still are used to old tools)

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