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Databases vs Flat Files (#beatdown) was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016


Archived from IRC notes: https://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2016-05-07#t1462634699147


IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016

https://jkphl.is made the conscious decision to store as flat files because it is the most accessible thing he could think of.

Flat files made sense as being the most accessible to preservation (longevity)

The data has to work with the minimum set of requirements. Filebased means all you need is a texteditor and filemanager and no further knowledge.

And then we end the database vs flatfile session. With a minor win for flatfiles, but with a resounding it depends

Summary: most notes for the db discussion are in here (because I use IRC as others use Etherpad).

But mostly, the people who actually have big personal website implementations were at other sessions so the #beatdown was very much kept to a minimum. The consensus in the room was that for most smaller personal projects flat files do the job just fine or even better than a database.