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wants to do livestreaming on his website

no easy way of livestreaming audio or video and archiving it back on your own site

when I start livestreaming, want it to post a note that says "barnaby is livestreaming now" and shows a little "play" on the home page

how do you host audio and video, make it work in different browsers


wants an audio post type. the live part isn't as important.


wants to record audio while on a phone, upload later as a private post, then be able to make them public later

also wants to livestream video for events like indiewebcamp

  • while event is live, find the link to the stream permalink on the home page
  • when the event is over, the permalink allows you to view the archive
  • home page always shows the current live stream


  • Icecast - radio.waterpigs.co.uk proxies to icecast built in web server
  • can be configured to record and archive all streams
  • for audio livestreaming, has all the pieces in place, just needs to build a UI around it

getusermedia - javascript API to get access to the camera

microphone access gives you WAV data, a common problem for actually using the data. need a way to upload the data in a compressed format

hosting challenges - how to host and serve large files?

  • Amazon S3 - put files there and forget about them
  • give out URLs like media.example.com/xxxxxxxx.mp3 which is a temporary redirect to the S3 URL
  • that lets you move the files to something else later if you want, without having to change your URLs


wants a soundcloud-like player for music on his site

  • shows volume graph

fragmentions for audio

MP3 Javascript Encoder


Records a WAV file in the browser, converts to mp3, embeds an audio tag with a data URI after conversion is complete.

(discussion about midi)

UI concerns / use cases

note vs blog post

  • post quick audio to my site, no editing, no captions
  • podcast / music - lots of work put into the audio, lots of surrounding information like title, composer, transcription, notes

audio recording UIs can be improved, like how Instagram has improved video editing on mobile to be just good enough to publish a less rough video