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Decentralized Aggregation and Serendipity was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2017.

IndieWebCamp Austin 2017

Session: Serendipity

When: 2017-12-09 15:30 CST



mechanisms that have existed in the past

  • Webring - similar sites can link to each other
  • Blogrolls

silos took over the discovery and finding new things

how can we do this in a decentralized way?

http://rivva.de - aggregator

  • tracked which blogs were talking to each other
  • also aggregates twitter mentions of certain URLs on the site


  • aggregates different RSS feeds that he follows
  • whitelisted list of blogs

How can we help find other people writing about similar things?

"Who to follow?"

  • usually not useful
  • tom: usually follow people when someone else retweets a tweet


  • from your followers to people they're following
  • potential danger is creating an echo chamber and not finding people outside that


  • linkblog pattern
  • whole earth catalog, an early example of this pattern

ways to submit things to aggregators

  • opt-in via choosing categories, e.g. wordpress categories
  • automatic keyword search across all posts, might mixing worlds, not what people expect

hosting one that anyone can add to, vs hosting one where only you post to

  • e.g. host a linkblog, vs host a hackernews instance

likely that community hubs will be small, because people will want to be self-organizing into smaller communities in response to the growth of twitter/facebook