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Indieweb in life was a session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2017 that was more of a "therapy session", with a few IWC attendants talking about what role the IndieWeb plays in their everyday life. personal conversatoins, hence no detailed documentation ;)

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indieweblife

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2017

Session: Indieweb in life

When: 2017-11-04 16:15



  • camps and hwc are commonly perceived as great motivators for getting things done, and play an important role in indieweb engagement
  • for many, work on indieweb stuff only takes place at camps, some also get a boost after hwc meetings
  • life changes and workload have huge effect for most
  • some feel that they have already exhausted what the indieweb stack can offer them in relatin to their current needs, now more focussing on content production etc.
  • finding time and motivation to work on indieweb among "normal life" things is a challenge; often then prefer to spend time with other things than coding
  • some people coming to iwc mainly want to just have their own site; they don't know enought people who work on websites outside this event
  • low amount of feedback/interactions received on personal site are limiting motivation; another way to lookat it is that one creates the site just for oneself, then looking for the feedback from the syndicated silo copies
  • part of "indieweblife" is also the daily educational work, teaching family and aquaintances about silo problems, privacy issues etc.; in that sense, "being part of the indieweb" is a daily thing
  • some techniques of the indieweb are based on the assumption that one is on a silo, eg. relme/indieauth