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Onboarding & Personas was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2017 that continued in a similarly-named session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2017.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/onboarding

IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2017

Session: Onboarding & Personas

When: 2017-05-13 16:30


  • ... add names


  • IndieAuth barrier to entry to IndieWebCamp
  • Jeremy: historically intentional because of people who wouldn't want to do but just talk; but kept out curious people too, now has more negative than positive effects
  • First objective: Onboarding to the community
  • Personas (started in IWC Berlin 2016: https://indieweb.org/2016/Berlin/onboarding) could help develop a proposition
  • was a full-day exercise
  • hard to decide on these
  • ran out of time to finish up
  • Unclear what IndieWebCamp is about and who's it for; wiki is confusing
  • But setting up website for wiki sign in was fairly easy in comparison
  • Question: are there any other digital touchpoints beyond the Wiki?
  • mostly personal webpages
  • Jeremy: Homepage should be more propositional
  • Site revamp 7/2016 (indiewebcamp.com -> indieweb.org) was about making it more accessible
  • Word of mouth seems to be a very effective way to onboard new people
  • "Is this something for me if I'm not a developer?" (-> is this a hackathon?)
  • Common misconception, maybe a flaw in the communications (it's the other skills that are actually well in demand)
  • Jeremy: The original reason for putting the barrier into place is long gone
  • It would be important to get people on board who do not fulfil the current "requirements"
  • Having your own website is great, it's the purpose of the movement, but must not be precondition
  • Suggestions for improvement:
  • make a more organized landing page
  • links go to events but event pages assume people have seen the homepage
  • people who this is for are not mentioned
  • problem with the 2016 renewal: it was technically driven?
  • make a brand new site indieweb.org and integrate the wiki with that later? (not realistic, change is rather going to be incremental)
  • examplary journeys to illustrate how people come from different entry points
  • "if you have a project it's fine, if not, you are just as welcome"
  • Joschi demoing the IndieWebWeek site
  • competitor analysis: what do other, similar movements do? what is their proposition?
  • indiewebcamp is a rather opinionated community, not just an event
  • codebar
  • current landing page does not show clearly enough that the common effort is not some code (as in a open source project) but to do something with it (everybody on their own site)
  • talks, articles could be condensed down to snack-size pieces for this purpose
  • feedback: would have been great to see the intro talk from this morning on the website beforehand
  • a video of that should probably be on the front page?
  • analytics/analysis: how do people get to the site, what do they do
  • server logs probably sufficient (referrers...)
  • a session like this on every event, to collect ppls experiences; basic qualitative data
  • user journey mapping
  • a first update can be as easy as adding one paragraph at the top of the landing page meeting above requirements

Video recording of this session: https://youtu.be/q-pkYpXyV6w?t=3651

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