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IndieWebCamp Dortmund 2017

Session: none

  • It was indeed the the first german festival for journalism but unfortunately with 150 similar planned workshops / talks / events for only 150 attendees in tents between storm and rain ;)
  • In a remote location in the holidays.

Foreword - a reflection


Got an email by https://correctiv.org where it basically said "We are doing the first german festival for journalism together with University Dortmund for 5.000 people" - http://campfirefestival.org

Thought this might be an opportunity for the IndieWeb to get in touch with journalists as a test balloon for generation 2. Sticked together tech and info and session material for the tent and met Sebastiaan Andeweg at a nice coffee for preparing the IndieWebCamp ...


The ugly, the bad and the good

The festival was organized in tents - an overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xVpSfv9BGI The words about the weather in the video was a white lie ;) The morning had a really strong storm with heavy rain which destroyed parts of the festivals infrastructure. Apart from the security nobody was there, so I fought against flying tent parts because the security is "not responsible for paying attention to the weather". When I pointed out that this might become a security risk, they called somebody from the university to help me to dismount the pavillions. However - if I'd have been a resident near Dortmund this morning, I would have never attended any event outside... It was organized by the university but additionally it finally turned out at the festival that the semester break already started ;)

Day 1

Five minutes after the video above was taken the first person showed up at the tent -
at first she asked so clever questions but very astonished that she and me (and the festival organizer somewhere) were the only persons at the festival area.
"I won't tell you who I am, tell me about the IndieWeb first" - so while the extendes slides https://jkphl.is/slides/ihdnue2016-de/#1 -> https://github.com/sebilasse/indieweb-origami/tree/master/festivalScreens were on the screen gave an introduction.
She was the "Head of Internet and Media", Council of the European Union coming from Strasbourg. For example she is now responsible for protecting "Human Rights for Internet Users" in the European Union.
Please watch e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX-LlWmciGA or visit http://www.coe.int/media or http://www.coe.int/en/web/freedom-expression/guide
What probably will work out is a sponsored hackathon prior to FOSSDEM Brussels both physical in a nice villa and virtual.

My strong feeling is that it is one year too early for journalists and that we have to sit together and just code in depth for definitely more than 2 days !
Need feedback, would
1) put it in /planning now
2) do the Exposé now and ask the EU council to use https ;)
3) if it comes to sponsorship by the EU Council, we should forbid them to exert influence on any matter / content of the event or IndieWeb

Now Sebastiaan Andeweg arrived at the tent. The spot (University Campus) is very remote from the city and hard to find. It seems the university made many bad decisions (apart from weather) because what nobody knew additionally is that in the festival sytem one person could register for multiple events at a time and if 150 attendees have 150 events this probably means an average of 1 person at a time (currently can't handle math) ...
Then it was a bit frustrated for me to see people quickly looking in between the rain and asking "Where is the product I can install" and so I got the impression that things like protocols simply do not exist in the brains of many people. It felt like nobody ever thought about what does "http:" mean and what is the "www" [ and maybe why do there have to be 2 ugly slashes between those ;)) ]
And maybe "http" is a synonym for "GET" for IndieWeb "generation 2" yet ...
Sebastiaan and Sebastian played BrainStrike in the neighbour tend, the prototype of a game where you can conquer countires with your brain.

Participants (but basically one at a time)


Ingo H. Klett arrived and said he would be more than happy to do "PR". Sebastiaan and Sebastian "teached" about every principle and building block ... Then again there was heavy rain.

Jens said It was not clear to me what the indieweb is and proposed to do a nice start page and a "Management summary" with "Storytelling"

"It is much to technical, explain it for noobs"

and remarked

SID could not use websub because they need to make 100% sure that content reaches only paying people. "Via Sat or FTP but we only push" Told at least about indieauth and hopefully we will do Homebrew Website Club Dinslaken e.g. 2017-09-20 or 2017-09-21...


What is data? Not only content, but also metrics, likes etc.

Then there was an Internet Disruption. What made me a bit wondering that I could not "reach a spy" anymore :

  • There was a phone box where you could select real spies / agents of the US, danish and german services and call them to tell fake stories (anonymous).
  • My story was to call as an attaché of president Erdogan asking for direct arrest of intellectuals or journalists (so that we do not have to involve Interpol again) ...

George Ruethschilling and finally Philipp DaNil Unger attended George is very much interested in helping IndieWeb and Philipp will make a fascinating journey around the subjects Climate Change (#cop, #coy) and I'd be more than happy to help http://ballancier.de and sent Philipp a mail about my https://bit.ly/reportage1 - hopefully they come to Homebrew and we can make nice personal sites ...

Basically all journalists I talked to at the festival said :

  • Most important is "monetanization" ...
  • Where is a product?

Somewhen the refugee magazine "here" (another tent) did an interview about IndieWeb and I invited them to Homebrew Website Clubs to do e.g. a nice calendar for their pages.