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CAMPFIRE Festival Dortmund 2017

Campfire Table

IndieWeb at “CAMPFIRE”, one of several IndieWebCamp events in 2017!
We want to leave the fustiness. Let's make experiencing the good aspects of journalism attractive and striking for everyone. Bands will play and DJ's will perform evening long.

We want to learn and celebrate with you.
We gather around a kind of big camp fire, where our stories come to life.

The CAMPFIRE Festival is not an expert conference, but a three-day festival for everyone who is curious: Join us on Friday and Saturday in a combined tent with CCC and Code for Germany !

The importance for journalists of digital authorship, ownership and syndication is getting more awareness. We want to host a special tent as a kind of “Open Space” with a particular emphasis on journalism with use cases for journalists, photographers, editors, related bloggers and platforms which are publishing their work. Learn how to use the building blocks (see also 2017) to empower media and encourage everybody to own their own content and identities.

Let's discuss how to share content and what is needed and what-not.

To foster the next generation of potential Indieweb adopters who may be focused on areas of news, journalism, or distribution, we want to compile some specific hints, tips, pointers, and examples which may be germane to these particular audiences to assist in their motivation and adoption. The tent is open and engaged all Friday and Saturday :

  • When: 11:00–19:00 and 10:00–19:00
  • Where: The Festivals Tent Village will be built on the Campus in Dortmund, Otto-Hahn-Strasse 12, Dortmund, Germany.

✈️ DTM [DUS and CGN nearby] Ⓜ️ S1, H1 station “Dortmund Universität” (🎓Campus) :


The space is limited so please tell us if you can attend.

Other URL(s) (for convenience only)


THU, 7th September : First Day of the festival (e.g. Dunja Hayali Talk)
IndieWebCamp is FRI and SAT, 8th and 9th :

Main article: 2017/Dortmund/Schedule
Day 1: Discussions Day 2: Discussions and Hacking

11:00 Get Together and have a coffee
11:30 Introductions and Demos
13:00 [ break ]
14:30 Sessions
19:05 End of sessions for Day 1
19:15 Group Photo

10:00 If you don't attend the Talks: come and hack
[ Info Space at the tent, an organizer will be there ]
14:00 Sessions
16:30 Hack sessions continue
18:00 Demos
19:15 Clean-up and Party-on

Day 1 is about discussing in a BarCamp-like environment. Bring a topic you'd like to discuss or join in on topics as they are added to the board.

Day 2 is about documentating or implementing what we discussed. Work with others or on your own. We'll have demos at the end of the day to see what everyone worked on!




Venue sponsor




Become a sponsor?

We are currently looking for sponsors for food (marshmallows) for this event. So cheap.

If you're interested, please ping Sebastian Lasse via email or Twitter to discuss the available options.


  • We would need one more person to keep the tent running the whole day !
  • Want to help out?
    • Contact an organizer or sign-up to Volunteer!
    • Check the #To-do list below to see if there's something you can help out with.


Organzational tasks

  • Setup wiki pages (Introductions, Demos, complete schedule etc.)

Questions for Organizers

Add your questions below


Put suggestions for Campfire IndieWebCamp Dortmund 2017 here !

  • ...

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