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Opening session for IndieWeb Summit 2017.

IndieWeb Summit leaders will lead you through:

Day 1 Introduction

  1. Announce: Welcome to the seventh annual IndieWeb Summit!
  2. Overview of IndieWeb Summit day 1
    • keynotes, intros & demos, lunch, sessions
  3. Show code-of-conduct, point out organizers to go to in case of anything
  4. Also show Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines (video), since Mozilla is hosting the event.
  5. Tools: IRC/Slack, this wiki, https://etherpad.indieweb.org

Barcamp sessions introduction

  1. Intro to how Barcamp sessions are scheduled: write THREE THINGS on a notecard:
    1. session name,
    2. your name,
    3. session #hashtag - used for tagging and etherpad.indieweb.org/hashtag
  2. Session scheduling!
  3. Summit leaders call *start your sessions* at start time

Day 2 Introduction

... see separate page