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HWC was a session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2017.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/hwc

IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2017.

Session: #HWC Homebrew Website Club organizing and stuff


  • Jeremy Keith
  • Sven Knebel
  • Sebastian Greger
  • Cweiske
  • Calum Ryan
  • Sebastiaan Andeweg
  • Walter ebert
  • Leo


  • length: London 6-8pm
  • Berlin 18.30 – 22.somethingÂ
  • US: 1-1.5hours

Promotion & Discovery

  • meetup.com - facebook of events
    • 50 max members cheap. after that you have to pay more
      • berlin paid for half a year, but want to move off
      • you pay per event
      • 50 people that are interested, not 50 actual members or people that come to an event
    • new groups/events published on meetup.com because many people get notfied about that
    • years ago xing was used for that
  • eventbrite.com
    • for discovery
  • upcoming.org

why meetup?

  • useful to find new events one might be interested in
  • RSVP functionality


  • idea: use meetup to get people to your website
  • still pay for more that 50 interested people


  • get retweeted by events-in-your-city account if there is one


How to get people interested into HWC outside of indiewebcamps?
  • jeremy tweets events, mentions people
    • do not use the wiki. it will put people off
    • london has own website, uses webmention RSVP


RSVP for non-techies without homepage

Do RSVP matter?

is an attendee list helping?

  • no
    • people showing up is important
    • if only few people are on the list, people are less likely to come
    • jeremy is doing it even if he is alone
  • yes
    • see that people are coming
    • social proof that people are coming
    • cancel event if nobody is coming


  • jeremy: meeting room
  • london: tech-focused hotel/user space/cafe
  • san francisco: mozilla office
  • berlin: cafe/bar
  • php usergroup leipzig: coworking space meeting room, fixed date time each month

  • eventbrite also for discovery
  • upcoming.org
  • webring
  • homebrew overview site