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2017 hack session follow-up from 2017/refresh

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Building on pain points and problems that we're trying to solve that were mentioned in the session:

"Your thoughts. Your words. Your photos. Your voice - It's your content, keep it." (I didn't catch who said that last phrase)

I almost see it like a owning a digital lending library. You decide who gets to check out, or borrow, your content (silo) but it's still available for everyone to read.

Things IndieWeb can help with

I feel we should call out and address hurdles that Gen2 and above face and can get frustrated with:

  • Silo algorithm changes (what they show you in their "reader" / "stream" / "news feed")
  • Obstruction of sharing between "silos" from within
  • Can be, or become, "unfindable" by Google & Bing
  • Will still be available if you leave, or are forced to leave
  • Will still be available if they close
  • Will still be around if they change business model (Medium)


Also, some things that we should start avoiding as we offer a helping hand outside our community:

  • Do not call them silos. Name them. People don't think of Facebook and Twitter as a "silo"
  • Do not hide that Instagram won't let you publish from "outside"
  • Do not use the term "dogfooding" - People outside tech don't get it. Sounds gross ;-)


  • Does this help with security?
  • Does it cost (money)? An allure is the "free-ness" of silo's
  • Does it cost (time)?
  • It does not just work (at the moment)
  • Will it make sense when syndicated? Looks like a Facebook post/Tweet.

--Davidjohnmead.com 07:21, 25 June 2017 (PDT)

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