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Please Develop WordPress IndieWeb Things, I'm Lonely was a session at IndieWebCamp Baltimore 2018.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFNO5N9R_F4

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/pleasewordpress

IndieWebCamp Baltimore 2018

Session: Please Develop IndieWeb WordPress Things With Me, I'm Lonely

When: 2018-01-20 15:05



WordPress Plugins

  • IndieWeb by Proxy
    • There are several tools that allow you to syndicate (such as those designed by people aware of the community but not posted specifically as an IndieWeb community plugin)
    • Tools/plugins fulfilling IndieWeb needs
  • IndiWeb Community Plugins
    • Based on enhancing things that the community needs
    • Webmention plugin: Easy. Installed, and then it happens!
    • Post-Kinds:
    • Bridgy: This creates a user-interface for Bridgy. UI plugin. Bridgy problems should go to Bridgy
    • IndieAuth: not updated in awhile, but david is working on it!
    • Microformats2: If theme doesn't support microformats, it tries to do this with hooks/filters, but doesn't work as well.
      • Recommended to use an actual theme
    • Simple location: Adds location support built in to WP
      • There was little interest in this in WP
      • Can add context to posts. Adds timezone support
      • WP doesn't allow each post to have its own timezone. There is a system timezone on your WP installation
      • Saves the GPS data to the attachment post-type, but theres a need to add it to a post
      • Venue support? Defined but not implemented. Venues are a bookmark location. Location that exists by itself that can be related to a post
      • Chris's Site: http://boffosocko.com/ demonstrates last shown location of post


  • Get my location button?
  • GPS data from photos?
  • Would like to have the button on location to look somewhere other than the browser
  • Timezone: Can set timezone of the plugin to the browser
    • Automatically give me the timezone?

What does the community need?

  • What is missing?
    • Token endpoint: this is something that David Shanske could work on this weekend
    • Who is willing to write these things?
    • More people that get involved the better it is
    • Get involved with developers to contribute in various ways, such as unit tests
  • IndieAuth and IndieWeb Plugin:
    • Installer, but also has features related to identity
    • Embeds the rel=me links into your header
    • has an h-card widget and other rel=me widget if you don't want to write your own h-card
    • there's lots that can be done to add to this (these are filed as Issues)
  • Ideas are saved as issues, example: https://github.com/dshanske/simple-location/issues

Is there anyone else interested in building things for public sharing?

  • Russell: Plans to turn static site into a dynamic site so could potentially be interested in it at this point
  • David Shanske needs help with the UI of the plugins
    • Looking to the future: what happens with Gutenberg transition? What will need to be updated/changed?

What else is needed?

  • User feedback
  • Documentation
  • UI design for the plugins
  • Explain from start to finish to use the plugins
  • Example: webmention plugin has minimal settings, as do some of the others. Contribute feedback and feature ideas
  • Extending the Getting Started features?
  • Ideas and contributions?
  • Can a plugin enhance itself?
    • modifications to plugins to make them more community friendly
  • Outreach!
    • Spreading the word to those on WP who don't know about Indieweb
    • Adding webmentions to WP Core? -> Support webmentions (suggested 2 years ago)
  • Finding more people to contribute to the IndieWeb WordPress community
    • How can we build engagement in a broader audience, how to tap into a large audience?
  • Overtime, each plugin has expanded so where are there still gaps?
    • will certain plugins be merged together?
    • currently there are separate files for separate things. if merged, can have it that the webmention-receiver is a file, the sender is a file, etc.
  • Is there a need for beginner tutorials, even though the plugins themselves are straight forward to use and handle a lot?
  • What handles microformats rendering?
    • Theme or Post-Kinds, or Micropub?
    • Two plugins and a theme that can be doing the same thing -> design problem
      • More plugins that extend the WP language to help moving away from this issue
  • How do we fill in more gaps?
    • Theme vs. Plugin design problems in WordPress
      • WP thinks everything put on the screen is content
      • reply-to isn't content but WP thinks it is content. David Shanske solution: wraps original content as a low priority and then everything goes outside of it. but theme has to not put the content into the theme
    • Blocks coming via Gutenberg
      • How will you do all this with blocks in Gutenberg?
        • Can always force everyone back into the classic interface