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How would social media need to change to to be a force of good was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2018.

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IndieWebCamp SF 2018
Session: How would social media need to change to to be a force of good
When: 2018-07-31 12:30



We need a bit more humanity in the social sphere; see: https://qz.com/1342757/everything-bad-about-facebook-is-bad-for-the-same-reason/

I'd like to see more small sub-networks; Mastodon was interesting because a local library could run an instance for their local community

Even if domain names were free, could we convince the general public to get one?

If we're going back to first principles, which ones would we go back to? How can we get rid of negative influences?

as an anthropologist, what does a user-centric model look like? a flowing user experience, being able to connect with people the social scene gets weird, the intensity gets weird what would my 20-yo sister want? she'd want it to be really easy to post her own photos, to have those intimate interactions Framework for Public / Contolled / Intimate / Private interactions

greg: local libraries, local newspapers, schools as domain - node of social network, hypelocal every town HATES how the town fb group is a complaining session

matt: in Boston we have some local papers, a weekly alternative The Dig, is really into this. FB wanted like $13k/mo. Local alternative papers are a way to start.

so - aligning geographic and online community

young people go through succession of identities make identities cheap and easy, so you can move on real names don't solve it

attention and dopamine cycle

business model -- patreon & groups

  • business model isn't the important thing

accountable sysadmin

activist in FB groups moved to "NationBuilder"

like healthy eating, quiting smoking RSS - gave you choices instead of singular feedback loop fitbit, selfcare as a service

lack of control over what you want to see being able to switch the channel being able to control feed

Best way to use twitter - bookmark the searches you want MVC model for social

toxic materials are addictive

  • small communities where individuals hold each other accountable (maybe cant scale)
  • block-together -- share who you block, from gamergate / makes twitter way way nicer (blocking 57k people)
  • blocking instead of muting because muting is leaky
  • block-lists might be problemaitic centralization of power

Sometimes follow to see who is saying bad things, so you can counter it for your community

Are there examples of social that "work"?

  • micro.blog perhaps? but it's also small, intimiate and hasn't scaled up
  • mastodon.social ?

What would be the metrics for deciding what "works"?

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