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Web Strategy and Content was a session at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019.

Video: ▶️30:05s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/makewebgreatagain

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019
Session: Make the web great again
When: 2019-09-28 11:40



The question is: how do we use the 'big tech' to reach people, without being evil?

  • when you pay companies like Facebook, even if you have a good cause you need to reach people for, you are still funding these big tech companies to do other more evil things.

Ton gives an example of a local business, who's website was hacked. But they did not care: they had Facebook. (Their website is still spamming others, but they don't fix it.)

  • companies want to make the most money, and the most eyeballs are on Facebook right now.
  • there was a moment (?) where an organisation wanted to collectively buy Twitter, so that it worked for it's users, not it's stakeholders. (?)

in the specific context of this university:

  • the budgets used to reach new students (young people) is no match for the budgets used by other organisations to reach that target audience. A large budget of the univserity is lost this way.
  • what is the way you make a persona of these people? maybe you cast to wide a net?
  • students are used to have things simplified for them. if there was one platform that says all the different programmes, it would be nice to have that.
    • there is already a thing like this, funded by the Dutch government, but how do you get people to use that?
  • align your advertizements only with platforms that align with your values.
    • are our tools expressing the values we have?
  • is there ethical marketing? is that a topic at all?

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