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Post on Established Platforms / Roadmap was a session at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/platform

IndieWebCamp 2019 Amsterdam
Session: Post on Established Platforms / Roadmap
When: 2019-09-28 15:40


  •   Jamie Tanna
  • Val
  • Emily
  • @_die_katrin
  • Jay
  • Gabby
  • Martin
  • Frank


How can we convince folks to get started with the IndieWeb? How can we get them bought into the IndieWeb "platform" without them needing to move?

Can we publish on a silo first / post on a silo about IndieWeb? What does it look like, how do different skill levels, use cases work?

Is it OK to post not on the IndieWeb?   Jamie Tanna goes into a long monologue about the fact that we shouldn't push people from the silos, we should let them decide and come of their own choice.

  •   Jamie Tanna spoke about how this morning, he's been using Twitter to share with others about the awesome stuff happening, not necessarily the rest of the posts on his website

We need to get the experience better before moving new people over here. It's not in the best place for general availability and not-as-technical folks, so we shouldn't be pushing it, as they'll likely get turned off and tell others it isn't easy or great

Fix the problems "for people like us" in the room, then for them

One participant spoke about having a site that they're happy using for what it needs to be, but also happy Facebook being used for existing folks. Having easter eggs and a bit of gamification on the website helps drive people to using the website over Facebook, where it's a bit more of a not-as-fun environment.

"What is it to be on the IndieWeb?"

  • Aaron Parecki at lunch mentioned that identity is more important, regardless of the platform that's pointed at
  • frank mentioned that you can be owning identity, owning content, but also interacting a lot on Facebook
  • Emily: you don't necessarily need to own everything, could it just be a channel of interactions? (yes)
  • people are finding out that it's easier to post on Twitter/Instagram, but still may want to publish on own site, and start taking back control

die: IndieWeb is simply a label, maybe on the lifestyle choice and principles rather than the tech/tools i.e. maker/hacker scene, crypto parties, federated

federated package management

keep internet, Web services corporate-free

in order to get into the IndieWeb, do we need a better definition for it? Very vague, puts people off ideaology could be the point, and that there's no set definition could we look at having a goal / roadmap for what it means to be IndieWeb? small habits to end goal Gabby: DuckDuckGo sends regular emails of things to look at, actions to take

One participant: need it to be an option (don't want it to be a political thing) maybe it's decided by folks, maybe it's part of it

  Jamie Tanna mentions https://indiewebify.me/ and https://indieweb.org/IndieMark to try and make this easier for how to get started / level up in a gamified way

we don't necessarily want to define the IndieWeb as a single definition - "dogmatic" (@_die) don't want a single definition, as it enforces a monoculture, which the IndieWeb doesn't like

@_die mentions documentation and making things readable for the perspective of the user do you need the step-by-step unpacking at a certain point in time? empathise with the situation folks are in, and how to diagnose things? define requirements (i.e. on Salesforce docs it says things like "you need <this level> of Javascript knowledge to do this")

frank: people got excited by Web when they say what they could do - we need to make sure that it's as easy as the other platforms tech has got better, so we need to keep up with it to get onboarding and ease of use in line IndieWeb isn't offering something "new" but it's old tech in a new fashion

One participant: targeting folks, but not necssarily getting the right people wiki is already a bit old fashioned, can we make things a bit easier to use? modernise and make it a bit more intuitive to the hip new folks?

frank: make your own manuals for the group, make it eaiser than the wiki?   Jamie Tanna has done similar with https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/08/21/rsvp-from-your-website/

jay: censorship isn't stopped by lots of people using it, could block things like `voice.google.com` not `google.com/voice` (example from living in the United Arab Emirates) how can we do things independently, but also collectively Frank: how would collective look like?iii Jay: data banks to store things in One participant: this will be something that not many will use, so still low numbers

Some folks are part of it, without realising, as they already abide by a number of principles (should we split between IndieWeb and IndieWeb facilitators)

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