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How can the Indieweb help the public service internet?! was a session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/psi

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2019
Session: How can the Indieweb help the public service internet?!
When: 2019-05-04 17:00




  • markomat

What happens when broadcoasting is no longer a thing? Should the Internet be not fully market controlled but also not state controlled

The average web user - https://vimeo.com/331179758

Databox - http://www.databoxproject.uk/

"A platform for managing secure access to data and enabling authorised third parties to provide the owner authenticated control and accountability"

Gives people control over what stuff they are interacting with (think permissions like for apps)

"Have you thought about your public service broadcaster as a advocate for the IndieWeb?"

Would it be useful if broadcasters use something like webmention in their web content?

  • using it for podcasts/videocasts could be useful
  • broadcasters could be more like curators, publishing content
  • giving people the opportunity to participate in democracy, empowering them
  • strengthen the feeling of citizenship

idea: using the own website or OpenWeb authentication to log in to online services of public service

"public broadcasters are lost in the new world." public broadcasters could do more than just copying the comercial providers

Why don't we apply indieweb principles to a streaming service of public broadcasters?

public broadcasters need to be transparent how they use the data of/about their users

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