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IndieWebCamp Berlin2 2019 Introduction is the opening session of IndieWebCamp Berlin2 2019.

IndieWebCamp organizers will lead you through:


Tantek Çelik opening IndieWebCamp Berlin2 at Mozilla Berlin, with a large screen with the event wiki page on it

Day 1 Introduction

Speaking outline

  1. Announce: Welcome to IndieWebCamp Berlin2!
  2. Introduce co-organizers: Yulia Startsev, Rosemary Orchard, Tantek Çelik
  3. Show code-of-conduct, contact an organizer for any reason anything is not awesome
  4. Photo policy: use red stickers for no, yellow for please ask
  5. Pronoun pins
  6. Live stream: on by default, if you don't want to be on the livestream, pick seats not visible in the video (e.g. back half of the auditorium)
  7. Tools:
  8. Overview of IndieWebCamp day 1
  9. Thanks to our Sponsors for making this possible!
    • Mozilla for the space, breakfast & coffee!

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