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What tools are out there? was a session at IndieWebCamp NYC 2019.

Video: โ–ถ๏ธ45:56s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indieoptions

IndieWebCamp NYC 2019
Session: What tools are out there?
When: 2019-10-05 13:45



There is a so much choice out there whether you use a CMS, Static Site Generator, roll your own

  • Static Site Generator - you have to write the content and use a website; you're serving a flat file

CMS choices

  • Options with open protocols and open APIs
  • No code option
    • Micro.blog --> it's a service
      • All building blocks work: specific tools that connect to each other (e.g., indieauth , webmentions)
      • Hugo site - you can type in html or Markdown
      • $5/mo or $10/mo if you want a podcast
      • Good community
      • Connects to Tumblr, Medium, Wordpress, Mastodon
      • Do things with IG where you can own your gram
      • One button install
      • Not open source
      • Takes minutes to learn and years to master; it's not open-source but open garden
  • Options that are ready-to-go platforms and services
    • Tumblr,
    • Wordpress.com,
    • Blogger
    • Medium
    • don't have integrations with all the building blocks
  • Known
    • All kinds of posts
    • IRC, location,
    • Big community
    • Open source
    • have to use terminal
    • has an install tax -
  • Wordpress.org - 35-40% of the web
    • +/- So customizable but you can get lost with all of the plug-ins
    • +/-
    • Requires hosting -> need to pay for shared host
  • GitHub pages
    • below No and Wordpress.org because you're mainly just writing in html
    • - You have to touch code
    • + Free

โ‰ˆ Roll Your Own Buy domain from DNS Compute: ssdnodes.com - Web serving: How you create and serve your content (Apache, Caddy); Hugo

  • Tips:
    • start lean, keep it mantainable
    • small goes farther
    • Write for yourself first

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