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IndieWeb in Practice was a session at IndieWebCamp NYC 2019.

Video: ▶️44:06s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indiewebinpractice

IndieWebCamp NYC 2019
Session: IndieWeb in Practice
When: 2019-10-05 13:45



  • Goals for this, and they can be shifted are to
    • Challenges in websites languishing and dying
    • Posting more
    • Ways to get the kind of content we'd like to share in sequence to share them sooner
  • Looking to come up with best practices at a tool agnostic level

Tantek Çelik: how short vs long term are you talking?

  • short term tools can be convenient, but how resilient are the long-term? most tools suck and require a lot of time to manage.
  • most tools 'suck' and are frustrating to deal with - Tantek Çelik would note WordPress as one of these
  • By trying to do some lightweight stuff as they happen and do heavier stuff later on.
  • schmarty noted that he has many notes and photos from events that he wanted to but never wrote up.
    • First he went through his pictures/videos and eliminated the 'bad' ones and collected all of those in a folder...uploaded them to his media endpoint...now he could put something into a webpage....then sort thing, topic/thing...now just say something...make this flow. And finally, at AMS... I CAN PUBLISH THIS NOW...and it only took him a dozen times.

Matt: You took some notes, where did those live until you did something with them?

Marty McGuire Photos lived in my phone until I did something with them. Notes I had an iPad and was scribbling down things, mostly for workshops, didn't end up in my posts at all

Matt: By the time you finally shared...was it too late for people to want to participate? Marty McGuire No, they still did

Potential takeaway: get the media and resources into media endpoints that you can use for your post early in the process

Would Marty go back and retroactively do all these events...yes.

David Shanske: in 2015 started a project to document a 1999 trip. had real film w/ paper notes on each frame of film.

Potential takeaway: Context expires quickly and is precious

David Shanske: photo apps (for mobile) are missing annotations. can't open it up and make a note about what it's about

  • {{t]}: apple photos has a single annotation: a "heart". has a workaround for this.
    • also reviews and deletes photos that are duplicate or unusable (even a "bad" photo can be usable if it is the sole memory of something). also minor crops/rotates/etc. all on his device as small incremental steps during idle time.
    • uses Swarm to check-in to places he is at. if he took a photo somewhere, make sure to check-in. after the editing process, add more photos to the check-in where they were taken, collecting them privately. the check-ins serve as an outline for a day that he can add photos to. check-ins also have notes, so he'll type those in as comments on the check-in.
      • gwg also did this on an all-day amusement park trip. checked into each attraction and added photos later.
  • tmiller: android photos lets her add tags / notes!

mfgriffin: did a lot of this for 3d printing. each time test printing a file, added a timestamp to the front of the filename, so has an ordered list of files tried over time.

  • Tantek Çelik: time is a very important part of how i manage information, so i get very upset when things violate time. photo upload apps that don't upload in time order need to burn. to the ground.
    • mfgriffin: it destroys content, so that makes sense!
    • Tantek Çelik: flickr uploader can mess this up and it makes me not want to upload.

Potential takeaway: practices to preserve some context and curatorial preference with raw media as you capture it (like photos -- mark with likes or android photo notes)

Potential takeaway: an early "pruning" not as late stage as "editing" to refine curation of the content and media

Potential takeaway: use tools that are good at grabbing place, time, and notes and use them as tentpoles to hang off media and thoughts collected; using comments features in tools for your own purposes, not necessarily what the tool suggests it be used for -- to connect assets and markers

mfgriffin: i have lots of 4k video and it is too much to carry around. i need to do curatorial processes with it but also need to back it up somewhere.

  • Tantek Çelik: has given up recording lots of video because editing/curation is stressful
  • mfgriffin: full length of 4k video is really big. backing it up to save it is necessarily different from reviewing / selecting / editing to publish.
  • David Shanske: i sit down occasionally and do curation, but i would like to do it more often. when i take photos i send them to NextCloud server at home (backed up by a NAS). also to a shared family Smug Mug account. Also Google Photos because I have a Google Photo Frame that curates some of this well for me.
    • Tantek Çelik: that AI makes me not want to upload files to google.

mfgriffin: what about text?

  • martymcguire: Drafts! syncs across iOS and Mac, minimalist interface, actions to post to other services. cleverdevil made actions that post for micropub?
  • Tantek Çelik: iOS notes app! does lots of capture on his mobile device. does clustering / combining / expanding on laptop where he has keyboard and mouse and can see more at once.
    • captures stuff all the time. personal log. work-related/next actions doc to process during work time. cool ideas to share goes into personal next-actions and processes later on laptop. that last category often becomes short notes.
    • has been trying to practice "atomic content". making a blog post later is easier if all the little pieces are online. at IWC AMS posted each time he got something working rather than waiting to do one big post. post tiny victories on your own sites!

Potential takeaway: capturing immediately photos, notes, ideas on devices like phones, and then returning to them in a context appropriate to working on it (work stuff in work time, personal stuff in personal time).

Potential takeway: publish atomic content as you go, while you aggregate and mulch towards larger, considered pieces

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