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Solid & other initiatives was a session at IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/momentum

IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019
Session: Solid & other initiatives
When: 2019-05-18 15:45



Differenti initiatives regarding privacy/sharing data

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee with Solid; more about infrastructure level.
  • Public Spaces: several public media companies (broadcasters, cultural institutions, etc) not only Dutch, starts to be European. Focuses on alternative apps than big centralized companies (Indyauth/Irma), video, etc.
  • Open PDS(MIT)
  • Spinnit
  • Project VRM

There are a number of technical challenges to be surmounted to accomplish decentralizing the web, according to Berners-Lee's vision.[12] Rather than using a centralized spoke–hub distribution paradigm, decentralized peer-to-peer networking is implemented Solid's central focus is to enable the discovery and sharing of information in a way that preserves privacy. A user stores personal data in "pods" (personal online data stores) hosted wherever the user desires. The user retains complete ownership and control of data in the user's pods: what data each pod contains, where each pod is stored, and which applications have permission to use the data.

Public Spaces: different alternatives for web tools e.g.: Authentication - alternative for login at Facebook or Twitter. Irma e.g.: only give the authorizing information that the other person needs, not all your personal information.



VRM Vendor Relationship Management - (Doc Searls)

Discussion: red thread: we use data the same way, but with these initiatives, you take some control back. Aren’t we doing the same with the indieweb? You have to be very conscious about how you use your data. Is it too much hassle. Plus its too much work to think that people will have the time for this.

But: 50% of conversations you don’t have control over: if someone is using your phone number in their contacts, so Google has that. What should we do about that?

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