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Sharing Gratitude was a keynote by Natalie Hester at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

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Notes archived from chat.

Sharing Gratitude
by Natalie Hester

  • slides show a picture of her adorable baby
  • Keeps a gratitude journal on her micro.blog
  • Thanks Jean and Manton for inviting her
  • lives here in Austin, works as an academic fundraiser
  • Natalie was also introduced on an edition of Micro.Monday
  • things changed about 10 months ago when their daughter was born

Social Media: The Good

  • Helped connected her to moms
  • Made it easy to learn things. Loved the likes and comments.
  • The third party validation felt great.

Social Media: The Bad

  • joined Austin Moms FB group. Over 20k members, conversations pretty intense.
  • Found herself getting judgmental about some people.
  • Plus a deluge of ads for weight loss
  • Eventually realized wasn't part of a community that shared her values

Competing Missions

  • non-profits often have different missions than the companies they work with
  • libraries v publishers "support your local library"
  • Companies like Facebook collect our data and inject influencers and ads
  • "you just constantly feel like you're being marketed to, and judged"
  • An acquaintance http://drewcastillo.micro.blog posted daily on FB. Simple statements of what he was thankful for and what he was looking forward to that day
  • Last year he announced he was leaving FB and going to micro.blog
  • She followed him and set up her micro.blog and started posting a daily gratitude post
  • There are many days she wakes up less than grateful.
  • Taking a moment to stop and think about it has improved her days.

Why Micro.blog

  • Could have bought a notebook to keep a gratitude journal
  • She had been inspired by Drew and thought if she shared online she might inspire someone too.
  • about micro.blog: "It feels a bit like Hulu after we started paying a little bit and got fewer ads"
  • The discourse seems pretty civil and content seems real
  • Recommends trying to start a gratitude journal for a couple days or a week
  • Keep up the good work trying to make the web better

Q & A

Do you still use Facebook?
I deleted my Facebook! I still use Instagram.
Another reason why I left Facebook, was learning about Facebook's knowing in the current political climate, knowing what they're doing with political ads. I don't follow a lot of my family on Instagram, and I don't allow them to follow me. My circle is a little tighter on Instagram.

Natalie also mentioned she uses Marco Polo app to share photos and video calls; Chatbooks for printing and sharing photos.

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