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Planning for IndieWebCamp London 2020.

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp London 2020, originally found here.

IndieWebCamp London, UK

Date: 14th &15th March 2020

Venue: Microsoft Reactor

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indiewebcamp-london-2020-tickets-85763160923

Catering sponsored by TerminusDB

  • Pastries and fruits in the morning; and vegetarian lunch (with some dishes vegan-friendly) on the 2nd day

Keynote: Something about JSON-LD and micro formatting (TBC)

Social evening (14th) ideas (pay your own):

Tasks/ things to figure out:

  • AV system at the venue for remote participants - onsite Live screaming and recording provided
  • Ticketing system (most probably using Eventbrite), types of tickets - free tickets on sale now (done)
  • Stickers, pronoun batches, stickies and stationaries - do we get them from IndieWeb org? (done)
  • Stationary for the day: markers, labels, additional informative stickers;
  • List of lunch recommendations for first day;
  • Find a place for the social bit in the evening (ideally a place that does food too);

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Previously: ???

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