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IndieWebCamp [Navrongo] [2020] Session: [Introductions and Curriculum]


Share Your Goals

  • Sadike - Goal I wnt to learn to build build websites for everyone
  • Jerry - System Developer
  • Maxwell t
  • Ali - At the end of the program, wants to learn about wikipedia and wikidata
  • Own your data
  • Khadija wants to own her website and also share contents to the world

Miftaw - Want's to use this medium to create a business website Dr. - Abugri - formidable group of sudents witht the enthusiasm to learn about digital media and be able to build a formidable team of open source contributors on campus Establish a relationship with us so that he can get employment from after school



  • Matrix chatroom using riot
  • Wiki for curating OER and common documents
  • Everyone gets a website on the GOIF Network


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Zoom Meeting ID: https://zoom.us/j/957348475