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Intros was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022.

Archived from: https://chat.indieweb.org/2022-04-30#t1651308247585000


Main article: 2022/Düsseldorf/Introduction

Good morning!

We're starting IWC DUS2022 and we're watching this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTSEr0cRJY8

Tantek Çelik welcomes everyone to the seventh IWC Düsseldorf

introduces the wiki and the code of conduct

Please read the Code of Conduct of the IndieWeb as well as that of Beyond Tellerrand

tantek explained the name tags and the photo policy

now explains our Etherpad: you can follow the links on the wiki to get the them, and collaborate there

tantek now shows a tweet with a lot of replies to the question: do you have a personal website?

@Loqi [@fox] if you’re in tech, do you have a personal website? bonus points for why. 😇 (https://twitter.com/_/status/1512293042467717120)

thanks to our host CGI

tantek: IndieWebCamp is two days... first one is introductions, demos and discussions.

the second one is a create day, where you create things, might be sparked from those discussions

question: must your site be in this 90s style?

answer: no, it can be any personal site style


tantek uses his site tantek.com as a replacement for social media

explains the barcamp / unconference style: participants will come up with ideas for sessions, we will vote on which ones to hold, and then we'll have them in a schedule to follow them

there will be lunch provided by CGI (thanks!)

lunch will be followed by a group photo and more sessions

day two is a great day to start with a personal site, if you don't have one

(tip: get your domain today, so DNS can propagate and be ready tomorrow)


next up is jkphl.is

he made his site in 2014 ... he has written 7 blogposts, calls this 'a big awkward'

wasn't too active in the last couple of years

wants to improve the accessibility of his own site

does not yet know what to do tomorrow.


next up is adriaan.codes

uses his site mainly for projects he has been working for

he says it is not indieweb, tantek disagrees: it is a personal site!


next up is deborah, has no site yet, new into the web space

is a humanitarian, into UX design and more

looks forward to have a site for articles on disability


next up is andreasnebiker.com

he has a 404

his first project is to get his site back

it will just be a CV page, and he will fix it


next up is buerfeind.de

not a developer, uses Wordpress, personal website about hobbies

does a lot of photography, motorbike, loves concerts

made photos in his photostudio at home, made portraits of friends

talks about German traditions


next up was I, seblog.nl

I talked about my indieauth setup


next up is sarajaksa.eu

uses it to keep track of things currently interested in

also has notes for herself


next up hary (German nickname, original Kroatian)

self taught in webdev

works on projects, not finished, so no site to show yet

'maybe we can make that happen'


next up mymark.net

(from CGI)

hasn't been coding for 10 years, but still has some old domains around


next up is calumryan.com

tries to make his website as accessible as possible (his job is in accessibilty)

has lots of things on there (I see checkins, likes, events, bookmarks)

that was everyone!

the GCI hosts say hi as well

now calling for remote participants, any introductions?


next up is kevinmarks.com

following along from his phone, making breakfast


next up david.shanske.com

has a site, writes random things, has a darkmode

this is the end of introductions, we'll tell here in chat when we have more things!

(will do break of 15 minutes, then session planning)

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