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Decentralized Website Communication with Webmention was a talk given by capjamesg about Webmention on January 15th, 2023.

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Personal websites are a place to call home on the web. You control how your content is published and presented on your website. A common refrain is that personal websites aren't social: often, people will comment elsewhere (email, Twitter). With Webmention, this is no longer the case. You can like, bookmark, and comment on websites that support Webmention on your own site and your comments will show up on their sites.

This talk covered:

  • What is the Webmention protocol?
  • How can you start receiving Webmentions on your personal website?
  • How can you send your first Webmention?
  • Creative possibilities for information exchange on personal websites.

Posts about the event

The IndieWeb event about Webmention just finished, and it was great!

Thanks a ton to James for such an informative talk! I learned a lot! These sorts of presentations are so valuable, especially for us newbies. There's so much to learn and talks like this help so much.

(There will be a recording posted soon! I think he said it will be on the event page but I'm not sure of that: https://www.codementor.io/events/decentralized-website-communication-with-webmention-fwusximcte)

- https://social.coop/@hollie/109694803744297141

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