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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google-led project that (often) speeds up a subset of HTML through caching and dependencies on Google infrastructure.

IndieWeb Support

The pull request by Aaron Parecki adds h-entry support to AMP example(s) and thus makes AMP more IndieWeb friendly by default

The PR was subsequently closed with the comment "We decided to remove metadata requirements from AMP." See:


W3C TAG finding (note, different meaning here of "distributed" (more like "content distribution") than what is usually mean by "distributed web")


XML like fragility

It appears that initial implementation(s) of AMP HTML consuming code treat it similarly to old XML consuming code, which is to fail in a fragile way, e.g. as noted in

Screenshot of Google showing nydailynews with a Sorry this page is not valid AMP HTML error message Screenshot of an Android device showing trying to display an article from with only a sad-mobile-device graphic and an error message:

Sorry, this page is not valid AMP HTML

followed by a footer link to continue to

Additional citations:


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