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Blogspot’s original server machine, a beige tower style PC from the late 1990s with a Hello My Name is nametage with blog*spot and Gutenburg written on it. Blogspot was the original name given to the hosted version (silo) of the Blogger blogging tool. Now "" is one of several domains that users can use to create hosted blogs. Blogger and Blogspot are owned by Google.


Blogspot started with a $500 PC purchased at the Palo Alto Fry's and was up & running that night:

"September 2000: Me and @ev jumped in my car in SF and drove to the Palo Alto Fry's to buy a $500 Celeron-powered HP home computer that was on sale. We booted it up back in the office, installed Apache, and it started serving up every early * site that evening." @mathowie, February 24, 2021

The original Blogspot server’s machine name was Gutenburg:

"Here’s the machine today (in my garage). I think we served 10k’s of blogs off that sucker. Good times."@ev, February 24, 2021

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