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CommonsPub is an ActivityPub server which supports any type of activity, object and property, including any extensions to ActivityStreams intended to be a server-side building block for creating multifunctional federated networks. Each network might have its own client app with a custom combination of functionality and user interfaces.


CommonsPub was adoped by the Open Coop Ecosystem in 2018 after noticing a developer community form around the fediverse the community chose ActivityPub for a federation protocol. Moodle then launched the first CommonsPub server to create a social network for educators[1].

IndieWeb Examples

There are no known sites in the community running on the CommonsPub server.

Other Examples

  • MoodleNet is an open social media platform for educators used to curate open resources. The social elements of the network use a fork 0f pleroma with a front-end built on React and using Elixir for an engine.


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