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Moodle is an open source content management system (CMS) (most often used as a learning management system (LMS)) primarily designed to help educators host online course materials. Various modules can be used to create an online identity, a blog, a wiki, and even fora.

While most often used by colleges, universities, and other education-based institutions, the software can be run and used by a single user to create a personal website.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Chris Aldrich runs Moodle on a subdomain of his own website, though he doesn't use it as a primary site for his online identity. He's used it (and other hosted versions) to maintain drafts of articles or semi-public posts as well as to draft or keep archived copies of prior course materials on a site he owns. He's also used the activity modules to host a course/class-specific wiki in the past, but generally prefers to use MediaWiki for this functionality.

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