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Doodle is a scheduling webapp for a single person to create a set of possible dates for an event and share a link for others to indicate their availability or not, and presents totals of each date/time option.

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Other Examples

  • Framadate is an open-source tool very similar to Doodle that may also be self-hosted



Doodle polls are heavily monetized through advertising. This leads to heavy webpages and requires people to give up data to choose to attend events.

Ill-suited for community organizing

Doodle is bad for any kind of community organizing. Originally posted in meta chat.

Doodle is better suited to corporate hierarchies where one person is in charge of determining the set of possible dates.

For community organizing you want "anyone" to be able to suggest dates, adjust suggestions, iterate, etc.

A community can also use more nuanced date preferences, with arbitrary commentary about the relative (in)convenience of specific dates.

A wiki page / list of dates on a page/section are better suited than Doodle for all of these use-cases. E.g. see our Planning page.


  • use a wiki page instead, especially for community events.

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